From our satistied clients. What they say about us.

“My neck has been bothering me for years and my doctor recommended Casey to me. She fit me into her schedule right away, like a priority and I started feeling relief from neck pain. As I started getting more sessions my neck felt better for longer periods of time as Casey got to know me, she began to also treat my digestive issues and some muscle tightness in my legs from running. Overall it has been a wonderful experience!”

– Amy D , 46


“I began acupuncture treatment to help deal with emotional stress and grief after my husband died. Casey’s ability with acupuncture combined with her innate caring and genuine kindness and sensitivity has helped me find respite and relief. Thank you Casey!”

– JK , 44


“I have been a patient of Casey’s since she started her practice. Seeing Casey on a weekly basis is one of the best things I’ve ever done for my health and wellbeing. I receive treatment for fatigue, headaches, and immune sytem issues. When I started seeing Casey, I would experience strep infections 2-3 times a year and suffer from canker sores on a monthly basis due to a low white blood count. I was able to get immediate relief and have not had any recurrences since starting treatment. I look forward to each of my session with Casey; she not only listens compassionately to me, but also really understands intuitively when something is off or different and treats me as a whole person instead of just addressing a symptom or illness. I have recommended Casey to countless friends and colleagues over the years because of her wonderful and skillful approach to the practice of acupuncture, and I cannot imagine life without my weekly treatments!“

– Marie P, 32

“Angela is a rockstar. I am constantly impressed with her knowledge of acupuncture. I started to come in a little over
a month ago with Meniere’s disease symptoms that first
came on one year ago- dizziness, headaches, and tinnitus.
The dizziness was so bad that I couldn’t work. Those symptoms
have dissipated by at least 90-95%. I’ve been able to go back to work and play golf again. She is awesome. Could not recommended her enough.”

– LP, 26


“After a longstanding history of shoulder pain, I was diagnosed with a severe rotator cuff tear. In lieu of shoulder replacement,
I decided to begin acupuncture for pain management. I have continued this treatment for one a half years. My life has been made normal, free of pain. I recommend Angela. Each visit is relaxing and rejuvenating. Her calm demeanor and comfortable space always makes me feel better.”

– BC, 83


“Recently, I decided to get off of medicine for anxiety, but within a few months, I felt the anxiety creeping back in. I wanted a holistic approach to treating it, and after several weekly acupuncture treatments, I have noticed a huge difference. Angela is kind and compassionate, and her treatments really do work. I feel calm and at peace as soon
as I walk in the door. Highly recommend!”

– MH, 36


“Since seeing Angela my hot flashes and night sweating are nothing like they had been. I went from getting up 3-4 times at night to change clothing with hair soaked (and had to use a hair dryer), to sleeping through the night. This is such a big change for me. I no longer wake up drenched; the sweating has gone down to nothing. Thank you Angela! I don’t know what you did but keep doing it.”

– JB, 70